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Y-Love, known for years as the world's first African-American Orthodox hip-hop artist and now the first artist to come out of the closet before an album release, is no stranger to the progressive political arena. He was featured on the campaign YouTube of Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schulz (D-FL) in 2011, and he has been a repeated invité of Pres. Shimon Peres to the Israeli Presidential Conference since 2009.

But this year Y-Love (Yitz Jordan) took his politics to the next level. In 2012 he was chosen to be a part of the "If I Were A Rich Man" Tour, sponsored by Bend The Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice, a 501(c)(4) PAC representing the progressive Jewish voice for social justice. The tour culminated with Y-Love's participation in the 2012 Democratic National Convention as a "Special Guest" of Bend the Arc, leading Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), head of the Progressive Caucus, to call Y-Love "a real grassroots organizer."

When Y-Love released his first mixtape in 2005, the world took note of the first African-American Orthodox hip-hop artist. Called a "crossover success" by the Jerusalem Post for branching out from the ultra-Orthodox Hasidic community to which he converted in 2000, Y-Love made waves in 2012 when he became the first hip-hop artist to come out of the closet as gay before an album release.

Y-Love's writing has been featured in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Advocate.com, and the Jerusalem Post, and he is a contributor to both Huffington Post Religion and Gay Voices. He is also a noted writer and pundit in the Jewish world. He blogs for Jewschool.com and Jewlicious.com and attends conferences worldwide where he speaks on his unique perspectives as a Jew of color in music.

In addition to his music, Y-Love is a prolific web programmer in the world of advertising. He worked on the 2012 campaigns for Dr Pepper, Honda, and Calvin Klein -- as well as the website for the NYC General Assembly for Occupy Wall Street.

Y-Love's coming out announcement debuted at #1 on OUT Magazine's Out.com and
was front-page news on CNN. Y-Love is listed as an "Up and Coming Out-and-Proud
LGBT rapper" by Russell Simmons' GlobalGrind. The world’s first black "Jewish MC,"
Y-Love has been featured in hundreds of forums including Conan O'Brien, USA Today,
XXL Magazine, The Australian, and Italy's La Repubblica. He is also the subject of a
new documentary entitled "Y-Love" debuting nationally later this year.


"...a lynguistic mystic with a style all his own" - Dap Mag

"Y-Love is like Talib Kweli and Saul Williams in a yarmulke...finally mak- ing hip-hop Kosher” - Jesse Serwer, XXL

"This is Babylon is a welcome introduction to a revolutionary wordsmith" - XLR8R

"...His sound flips from conscious rap with revolutionary chants to tongue twisting tantrums, but still spitting positive messages, making listeners check themselves before they spiritually wreck themselves." - URB.COM

"The Brooklyner's new set is extremely smart instrumental hip-hop--covering everything from noir synths to tricky world rhythms--that also says something real." - CNET

"...a welcome sign of intelligence, integrity and positive intent in the Hip Hop world." - Abort Online

"...as orthodox as any Yeshiva grad and as hard as they come..." -- Village Voice

"ridiculiously refreshing in a time where bland music reigns" - TES

"...a conscious intermixing of several languages...laced over uplifting beats that combine quite impeccably to serve as a soundtrack to social progression...Y-Love comes across as a proud individual with deep-rooted beliefs who is not only self aware, but socially aware as well." - URB Magazine

Everyone’s favourite Jewish hip hop artist" – Jewtastic.com

"the scene's next crossover success" by the Jerusalem Post "...a hip hop revolutionary..no doubt Y-Love will be staring me back in the face on MTV within the year" - Guy Emanuel

"Y-Love rhymes thru eyes of High 'Bove." - MC Paul Barman


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